Course Details

When does the course start?

The course starts in September

How long is the course?

This course runs for five years part-time. Attendance at lectures is required one day per week. In the first year attendance is on Monday.

What qualification will I achieve?

BSc (Hons) Construction and Project Management

What will I study?

This course has been designed in consultation with relevant organisations to help you develop your qualification and skills for a successful career in management within the construction industry. You will have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge, skills, flexibility and adaptability to prepare you for your future in construction and project management.

Course content

You will cover aspects of construction and project management principles related to the following modules:

Year 1

Construction Technology 1

This module introduces you to the processes and techniques involved in the construction of small scale buildings. You will investigate the use and specification of appropriate building materials and environmental design considerations through a written report (100% of the module marks). In addition to the examination of new build technologies you will participate in individual and teamwork exercises undertaking simulated projects based upon the behaviour of structural elements under load when used singularly or in combination.

Professional Practice

This module focuses on the role of the Construction Manager using a range of different workplace scenarios. Using a reflective diary you will develop a critical, comprehensive and robust portfolio of diary sheets underpinned by the ability to analyse social contexts referenced to relevant management theory. This will enable you to demonstrate a thorough and reflective understanding of the often difficult decisions and dilemmas faced by a professional Construction Manager. The reflective portfolio will be used to help you reflect upon your own learning and direction to create self-promotional material. Assessment will be based on your portfolio (100% of the module marks).


You will learn how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, developing skills and competencies in both. In CAD you will evaluate the design and construction development process through completion of individual workshop based exercises on topics such as 2D components, building sections and 3D solid models which will count towards 50% of the module mark. The BIM assessment counts towards the other 50% and consists of a group presentation for one building design complete with specifications, supporting design ethos, performance statement and material take-off for a building. The dimensions and overall dimensions and usage requirements will be provided.

Year 2

Construction Technology 2

This module is designed to allow you to enhance your technological understanding by exploration of more advanced construction techniques and building systems of moderate complexity. Sustainable design concepts focus on contemporary solutions for the interaction between environments, building fabric and control systems through a report (100% of the module marks) analysing structural design, material and environmental design considerations. In addition to introducing advanced technologies you will participate in individual and teamwork exercises based upon simulated projects and topics covered throughout the module.

Contractual Procedures and Procurement

This module introduces you to various building contracts and types of procurement options available. You will produce a professional report (50% of the module marks) recommending the most appropriate contract form and procurement type to adopt for client/project requirements for three different case studies. Together with an awareness of the role of the specification you will develop an understanding of appropriate contractual procedures to be adopted set against client/project requirements through a group presentation on topical contractual issues (50% of the module marks).

Measurement and Estimating

This module is intended to give you an understanding of the processes involved in all stages of production of a bill of quantities and associated tender documentation including the contractual and administrative framework. It aims to develop an understanding of the need for accurate estimating and cost control at all stages of a project. Assessment is based upon the preparation of tender documentation (50% of the module marks) examining a case study building project and a group presentation of the tender submission to the client’s representative(s) (50% of the module marks).

Construction Management

This module focuses on management theory and practice and the principles of teamwork, communications and co-ordination skills. The module aims to develop your awareness of the integrative roles of the professions within design and construction, based upon a project planning report (100% of the module marks) consisting of an analytical study of management strategies used throughout pre-tender, pre-contract and contract stages of a project. Participation in simulated exercises relating to project coordination will help to develop your understanding of project management.

Year 3

Environmental Science

This module introduces you to the issues involved in achieving a comfortable, safe and hygienic internal environment. You will develop an understanding of the factors that affect human comfort in buildings, through a professionally prepared environmental report (100% of the module marks) whereby human comfort data is collected and analysed. Conclusions will be drawn and recommendations made from your analysis of environmental conditions of a live case study building of varying internal environments.

Building Surveying

This module is intended to give you an understanding of the processes involved in all stages of building surveying. It encompasses the preparation for pre-inspection issues as well as the techniques, methodologies and code of practice to be employed when undertaking a variety of building surveys. You will undertake a number of survey exercises including a written and illustrated building survey report (100% of the module marks) on a nominated case study building within the community.

Integrated Group Project

This module gives you the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge developed in other modules. It is aimed at demonstrating the integrated nature of construction activities through a professionally prepared group report (50% of the module marks) and group presentation (50% of the module marks) in the form of a case study, detailing the design, construction process, management and costing for a project of considerable complexity.

Year 4


This module introduces the philosophy of urban renewal/regeneration and of the factors that influence the choice between conservation, conversion and demolition.

The module has two main strands – Macro-regeneration: research report (50% of the module marks) and Micro-regeneration: end of module in-class time controlled assessment (50% of the module marks).

Building Pathology

A stimulating series of lectures will introduce the approaches associated with the conservation of historic buildings. The module will introduce the causes and nature of building defects likely to occur in a range of contemporary and traditional buildings. Supplemented by a substantial amount of background reading, you will develop the skills needed to understand problematic material-based issues that arise in various types of construction. Students who want to specialise in architectural conservation may be encouraged to join Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) which offers free membership to our students. Assessment includes a condition survey (50%) and a multiple choice examination (50%).

Property Valuation

This module provides you with a broad overview of the real estate valuation aspects of property markets through the production of a valuation report encompassing an extensive and varied property portfolio (100% of the module marks).

Environmental Management

This module provides you with a broad overview of both the ‘environmental’ and ‘management’ aspects of construction in the built environment. It aims to equip you with a set of tools and techniques for measuring environmental performance in both the context of government legislation and company policy. Assessment includes one professionally prepared report (50% of the module marks) analysing an environmental problem that the construction industry faces.

You will participate in individual and teamwork exercises based upon case studies including an end of module in-class time controlled assessment (50% of the module marks) based upon topics introduced throughout the module.

Year 5


This module consists of an individual student-led investigation into an area of the built environment of your choice. The module is designed to allow you to apply the independent research skills that are expected from an honours degree graduate. You will choose and refine the topic, research information, draw relevant conclusions, that will result in the production of a dissertation (100% of the module marks). You will be allocated a personal dissertation supervisor who will guide you through the process of executing and writing up the study.

Where will I study?

This course is studied at University Campus Barnsley (UCB), Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AN

What equipment will I need?

Equipment details will be provided during the enrolment process.

How will I be assessed?

We focus on identifying and developing the personal qualities you will need in this professional discipline, using seminars, lectures, workshops, and projects. Your progress will be monitored through assignments, reports, presentations, timed assessments and project work.

What can I do next?

Graduates have gone on to work in construction and project management, quantity surveying, building surveying, site engineering and architectural technology.

How do I apply?

Please use the online application form on the How to apply page.

How much does the course cost?

Course fees: £3,600 per year

Student Finance

As a Higher Education student living in England you may be eligible for the non-means tested Tuition Fee Loan from the Government. See the Fees and Finance page for further information.

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