At University Campus Barnsley (UCB) we give our students every opportunity to succeed. Our Media, Music and Performance department follows this lead with their collaborative network meetings.

This month saw the second Media, Music and Performance collaboration meeting. Held at UCB, it allowed students to network with each other and build links with peers who can help with studies and projects.

The meetings allow the students to pitch their projects and recruit students from different degrees to work alongside them. This not only enables our students to complete their assignments to a higher standard but also offers valuable experience of working with other members of the industry, a crucial skill they will need in their future careers.

From film makers looking for actors, to game designers seeking musicians, the collaboration possibilities are endless.

Harbin Mustafi, Acting for Touring Theatre student, said: “It’s great for experience, the more collaboration you do, the more content you have to put in your portfolio and the more you can do for your career. It gives us experience working with people in a real life professional setting.”