University Campus Barnsley (UCB) is now home to a newly-fitted sound recording studio built from the ground by Industry Lecturer Tim Speight and his students.

With over 20 years’ experience in the music industry working with the likes of Simon Cowell, Pete Waterman, Westlife, McFly and Donna Summer, Tim came to work at UCB to pass on his knowledge of sound recording and production to the next generation.

Although the music studios at UCB are already industry standard, Tim felt with his expertise the oldest of the studios could be revamped and adjusted to be up-to-scratch with those he had worked in himself. The modification also doubled up as invaluable experience for the students involved as they acquired the skills to be able to refit an entire studio.

Tim said: “This was a project myself and the students could really get our teeth stuck into. We wanted to make a real statement within the Music department and create a flagship room that could be used as a fully functioning studio as well as a creative learning environment for lectures. The equipment here was already first-class, we’ve just enhanced the learning experience.”

Three Music Production and Sound Recording students along with two music apprentices from Barnsley College gave up their holiday whilst UCB closed for the Christmas period to overhaul the studio and get it back up and running for re-opening in January.

One of the volunteers of the recording studio facelift was third year Music Production and Sound Recording student, Lee Howard. He said: “This was a whole team effort and we are so happy with the end result. We disassembled the original studio and re-installed it all adding a personal touch to make it work the way we wanted it to. We’re all thankful for the experience and skills that has taught us.”

Susan Donnelly, Music, Media and Performance Course Leader at UCB, added: “I am really proud of the students involved in the de-rig for giving up their valuable time, especially over the Christmas period. They have helped out the whole department with this excellent improvement to our facilities and we are all very grateful for their hard work and commitment.”

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