Our students are using their engineering skills to build robotic arms and driverless cars as part of the Engineering Society.

The new society has been set up by HND Engineering and Motorsport students with the aim of providing an engaging environment where students can get involved in fun and exciting activities in order to raise the profile of engineering.

The society, which is open to all UCB students, meets on a weekly basis and the members will be using their engineering skills in programming, coding, electrical and mechanical engineering, circuit building and robotics to design and build robotic arms and small driverless cars. The cars will be able to recognise each other’s location and transmit data, enabling them to sense their environment and navigate around each other without any human input. They hope to showcase the robotic arms and driverless cars at future UCB Open Days.

HND Engineering student Benjamin Carr, 29, from Newlyn Drive in Mont Bretton, is the President of the Engineering Society. He said: “The society is open to any UCB student who has an interest in engineering. It’s a fantastic way to promote engineering as we will be getting involved in some fun and exciting projects. My tutor thought it was a brilliant idea and has backed me all the way in setting up the society. We are really excited about the future of the society and are hoping that more students will join us.”

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