University Campus Barnsley (UCB) students are asking for feedback from the public on their dining experiences within the Barnsley area.

The group of Travel and Tourism Management HND students are encouraging people to share their experiences of eating out in Barnsley on social media using the #tasteofbarnsley hashtag.

The aim of the campaign is to showcase what the Barnsley borough has to offer for foodies. Students devised the campaign after identifying food tourism as a sector which Barnsley could use to attract people from other parts of the country and overseas to the town.

The campaign is part of a project to create more revenue for the local community and differentiate Barnsley from surrounding towns and cities and will run until mid-May.

Student Jessica Crossland said: “We decided to carry out this project to raise the awareness of all the great food and drink opportunities in the Barnsley area and to encourage people to come and visit. We encourage people to engage with the #tasteofbarnsley hashtag and share their experiences of dining in and around Barnsley.”

You can share your experiences of eating out in Barnsley, using the #tasteofbarnsley hashtag, on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

You can find about more about our Travel and Tourism Management HND course at UCB by contacting our Information Team on 01226 216 165 or Our next Open Day is on Tuesday 28 June, register your place.