UCB Music student, Lee Howard, has been shortlisted as one of only 12 composers from across the globe to present an original composition at the Lviv Philharmonic Concert Hall in the Ukraine next month.


Lee, 30, of Gawber Road, Barnsley, entered the competition which required the applicants to submit a music score that they had composed themselves for a string orchestra including violins, violas, cellos and contrabass.


The selected composition, ‘La Malizia’, was named by Lee meaning ‘malice’ in Italian and was heavily inspired by Russian composer Tchaikovsky, together with his love for dance music.


The arrangement was originally produced for a piece of coursework assigned to him as part of his Music Production and Sound Recording qualification at UCB which he then enhanced and developed in order to enter the competition.


The third year student said: “My music tutor Susan Donnelly encouraged me to enter the competition as she was really impressed with my arrangement. I never thought I would actually hear back! I’m really excited to represent the UK at such a big event in the Ukraine and hope everyone enjoys hearing my piece as much as I enjoyed writing it.”


The Enterprise department at UCB have supported Lee with the cost of the trip and other expenses. Head of Enterprise, Rubina Rashid, said: “We are very lucky to be able to offer funding that we have available for students who wish to go on exceptional work placements or employability experiences.


“Lee has done exceptionally well to get this far in the competition and will be representing the UK as well as UCB in the Ukraine. This experience could have a huge impact on his chosen career path and we are so pleased we are able to do what we can to support this.”


The ‘Musica Per Archi Composers’ Competition’ is an annual event that takes place in the city of Lviv, bringing together composers from across the world on the common theme of Eastern contemporary music and Western culture. The winner will be chosen and awarded after the final concert on 10 February.


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