Choosing to study a creative arts subject means you will have a higher education experience rich in practical projects, with an extensive list of career prospects to choose from when you complete your studies.

Below are some of the different career paths you could take after completing a Photography undergraduate programme.

Directly related career options include:


Photographers create images for an exceptional range of creative, technical and documentary purposes, this can be within many industries including Fashion, Press and Automotive.

•Camera Operator

Television Camera Operators work with digital, electronic and film cameras and produce required shots by combining the use of complex technology with creative visual skills.

•Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer works on a variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, magazines, games, packaging and branding.

•Medical Illustrator

Medical Illustrators produce photography and graphic images for professionals involved in patient care, education and research.


Indirectly related career options include:

•Film Director

Directors are integral to the success of any film project. Directors contribute to all the creative elements of a production.

•Film/Video Editor

A film or video editor is responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product that’s suitable for broadcasting

•Advertising Art Director

Advertising art directors produce innovative ideas for the visual elements of advertising campaigns in all kinds of media.

•Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers are involved in developing an organisation’s communication strategies. They can work across several areas or specialise in a niche few, depending on the size and requirements of their employer.

•Media Planner

Media Planners identify which media platforms would best advertise a client’s brand or product. They work within advertising agencies or media planning and buying agencies.


Art Teachers can work within primary, secondary, further and higher education. Teaching art disciplines to all ages and abilities.


Stylists follow design briefs and use their creative skills to produce visually appealing displays, photo shoots or outfits.

•Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandisers develop and deliver visual concepts and strategies to promote retail brands, products and services in-store or online. They can also work with museums and galleries or create visual concepts for events.


Whatever career you choose, you can feel secure in the fact that University Campus Barnsley will provide you with all the essential skills to flourish in your chosen industry.

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